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Mykel Coleman


  • 17 years professional experience in merchandising, television, film, fashion, live events and digital media

  • Founder of MCS TV and MCS Live Ticketing Service ! Mykel Coleman Studios Network Platform;

  • Coleman Technology Owner

  • BBA Award Winner 

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Film Maker





Acting Coach





Fashion Designer


Giving back to the community and sharing knowledge is something that's very dear to Mykel Coleman.

He lives to inspire, empower, educate and teach through his Master Classes and the Moguling Summit that will be touring virtually spreading the importance of building generational wealth, investing, shareholding, being relentless for success, focusing on financial growth, the importance of credit with his recently launched Moguling University Training Courses.  

Mykel Coleman was born in Lauderdale, TN to Benjamin Hardin and Joyce Ann Coleman McElrath and is the oldest of four siblings. Enduring and overcoming life circumstance molded him into the relentless being today.  Though challenges arises he always find a way to continue to move forward and persevere and shares with others methods and strategies to do the same.  


At the age of four he had his first encounter with near death when he was electrocuted.  His great uncle Luther Coleman stated; "The only thing that saved his life was that the fuse blew which must be God's calling on his life.   
Mykel relocated to Chicago, IL in 1995 as a teen where he began his entertainment career starting with modeling that lead to being featured in music videos and even a leading role in Dejah's Gomez "Going Crazy" hit music video, Vibe, Up Scale, Essence Magazines as well as a Modeled contract with Soft-Sheen Hair Company, African Pride, and Levi Jeans.  

In 2004 while playing in a semi-professional football game in Jacksonville, FL.  Mykel was struck by a defender that punctured a nerve in his spine that left him paralyzed from the waist down for eight days.  Doctors questioned; if he would ever walk again?  
Mykel stated; "I never gave up on the ability to walk again even though the doctors told me I may never walk again and wanted to operate on me.  I just pleaded to God to heal me and I would be a vessel to do his will, if he granted me the ability to have the use of my legs again."  Two months after the injury, Mykel begin rehabilitation after he relocated to Atlanta, GA which was a turning point in his life that took more than six months for him to walk again.  This is the moment that Mykel states, "I knew God was truly real when he answered my prayers, even the doctors couldn't believe it.  I knew, I couldn't go back on the vow I made to God".
Mykel Coleman has written more than 60 scripts that began with stage plays and now expanding into tv series, motion pictures, talk shows and sitcoms.  He has directing and producing more than 60 live theatrical stage plays, and started shooting a motion picture entitled "Losing Everything", two television series entitled "Broken Promises" and "Bitter Sweet", a talk show that empowers women entitled "Virtuous Talk Show" with four dynamic female host from different walks of life on their Virtuous Journey to encourage and inspire men and women with real talk, real issue, real solutions. 

Mykel hopes and prayers are to rank amongst the very best and most dynamic film writers, directors, producers to impact people lives around the world.  
Mykel has toured nationally with numerous Tyler Perry’s Stage Plays and worked directly with the Investors in Marketing and Sales for Merchandise that generated over $150,000 for "Meet the Brown's" and over $450,000 for "Madea Goes to Jail" and "What's Done In the Dark" just to name a few.  In three short years Mykel Coleman became the #1 Marketing and Sales for the production company and handled thousands in revenue each night.  
With Credentials of such magnitude gives Mykel first hand experience to have an edge for success in a very competitive entertainment industry. 

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Mykel is blessed with unique gifts and talents, coupled with the wisdom, the knowledge, the training and experience needed to sustain one in this ever-revolving industry!

He formed MCS TV Network to be a platform all his projects under one umbrella as well as to give others opportunity to showcase their talents on the growing network.  MCS Studio is expanding with more streaming services for content and bringing you more excitement with positive and impactful entertainment in tv, film, theatre, talk shows, and documentaries in the entertainment industry!     
Get to know this humble, punctual, business man, and creative genius and future Mogul by visiting: 


“True greatness comes from serving others............if you want to be truly great then serve others................”

 Rodney Lynn Whitherspoon forwarded by

Mykel Coleman

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