Long Term Vision MCS TV


The mission of MCS TV Network, Inc. is to be a global producer and distributor of entertainment and original content. Using our business units and brands to differentiate our content, services and consumer products, we seek to create the most unique, innovative and profitable entertainment experiences. Our new compelling entertainment meet the needs of our targeted urban market and our business plan identifies and addresses a significant business opportunity based on the following key attributes:

Large Under-served Market. There are currently 151 million Hispanic, Caucasian, African American and Asian urban Americans in the United States, yet there are few high quality TV programs produced specifically for their tastes and even fewer delivered via low-cost digital broadcast and streaming media. Our strategy provides the opportunity to gain market share and become the premiere producer and distributor of over-the-air and digital urban entertainment.


Management Team Brings Valuable Experience. The founder and key executives have senior management experience in all functional business areas. Our marketing, content programming, music publishing, management, business development, sales and management/leadership experience across all sectors of the entertainment industry and general business provides us with a thorough basis to profitably manage and grow our business to maximize shareholder value.


Low-Cost Targeted Original Programming. The founder and key executives have significant experience developing new, original, low-cost content tailored to the viewing needs of the urban market. From sitcoms to reality to sports and education, as well as music and talent discovery, we will cost-effectively develop new original programming to satisfy the unique tastes of the urban market in cost-effective methods with outstanding production value unique to the entertainment industry.


Comprehensive, Detailed Financial Projections; Profitable Industry. All financial projections are based on a detailed, comprehensive financial model. All assumptions are conservative; marketing and advertising-to-revenue conversion rates are based on proven industry averages, yet leverage established, existing operations and audiences. Additionally, TV is a mature industry known to deliver high operating margins, profits and ROI.


Multiple Opportunities Exist to Create Value. Our plan is to deliver quality entertainment to the unmet needs of the large urban market and to take advantage of cost-effective marketing and distribution opportunities, while minimizing total costs, which will quickly generate significant cash flow. We believe our strategy will position the company to be attractive to a wide range of potential acquirers who are interested in serving our large target market. Strong cash flow will ensure a high enterprise valuation and provide the opportunity for payback/return on investment through significant stock price appreciation or by being acquired and/or through dividends and management fees.