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The Innovative Magazine that delivers the rising Moguls in Fashion, Entertainment and Business !  Formed by Mykel Coleman after the creation of Mogul Guide Magazine and the word Moguling with Kenyon Glover.

In 2014 Mykel Coleman teamed up with former NBA Basketball Player Kenyon Glover to produce a Reality TV Show that geared toward highlighting two multi-talented gentlemen as they embarked on their success journey.  It highlighted their everyday motivation in the entertainment industry and business.  They needed a word to describe their relentless work ethics as well as the work ethics of others.  A word that exemplified long term goals to be relentless and successful in entertainment and business.  So while brainstorming with Rodney Lynn, Mykel Coleman pitched the word and the meaning of it to Rodney Lynn and it was the beginning of an evolution.  The title of the reality show and a movement entitled "Moguling" was born.  Shortly after Mykel asked Kenyon Glover what did he think of the word and it being the title for the Reality Show?  Kenyon stated, he loved it and it was set in motion.    
You ask, what is Moguling?  According to creators of the word and Producers of the New Reality Show it is described below.
Moguling | What is the Definition of Moguling?
adj. 1. One who has a relentless work ethic to be successful, who brings change for the good to people, inspires, motivates, and mentors others to become relentless while obtaining their long-term dream, vision, or goal.  
Moguling is what we do!
Be inspired to do it to!
Unauthorization is Prohibited.  All Rights Reserved by law for the use of the word Moguling without authorization and definition which is ownership, creation, and copyrighted by Mykel Coleman and Kenyon Glover.

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