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My name is Michael Coleman and I'm the Founder and CEO of Moguling Ventures. 
Like a lot of entrepreneurs it was my experience and frustrations as a Private Venture investor that lead me to start Moguling Ventures. 
With a goal to bring Smart, Simple and Easy Venture Investing to individuals and families to empower them with investing opportunities to create wealth and pass it to the next generation for legacy.

Since closing our first fund in 2009.
Moguling Ventures has grown steadily and now have 11 Moguling Funds as well as Venture Funds open to any accredited and non-accredited investor. 

So what is venture and why might you want to own it?

Venture Capital is investing in privately owned companies typically based upon a novel technology or innovative business model that are in startup mode and seeking rapid growth. 
It's an investment at a point where both the risk and reward are high.

As to why you would want to own this Asset Class or Venture Capital? 

Simply put, Venture has out performed many asset classes over many periods. 
It's a chance to participate as an owner in new ventures when valuation can be more attractive and potential upside is high.  Investing in venture is also investing into tomorrow in companies that are leading into the future working to solve big and hard problems. 

We are rapidly becoming the most active and easy choice U.S. venture firm in angel early stage investing and helping you to establish a powerful and diverse portfolio.   

Our mission at Moguling Ventures is to make it easy for accredited and non-accredited individuals to create a venture capital portfolio that fits their needs and goals to start building wealth and become legacy driven! 
Start investing now for your tomorrow and the future with Moguling Ventures. Click below to invest. 

We invest in businesses, real estate and startups with a purpose, innovation and long-term visions for growth and success for the future. 


The Smart, Simple and Easy Way to Invest in Startups. 

Venture Capital is an important asset class that the ultra-wealthy and institutions have been investing in for decades.

Now professional venture investing is open to you.

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  • The case for venture capital in a sophisticated wealth-building strategy

  • The smart way to get started in this attractive asset class

  • How Moguling Ventures accesses highly-competitive venture deals alongside other well-known VC firms to build your portfolio

Invest in innovative companies like these


Ready to Invest for tomorrow and the future?  Click the Portfolio link to submit your Full Name, Contact Number, Your Investment Amount and the best time to set up a Moguling Venture Investment Call with our team to contact you for investing.  Moguling Ventures "Driving Visions for the Future" !

Minimum Required Investment: $5,000

Offering Size: $30M

Minimum Required Investment: $5,000

Offering Size: $10M

Minimum Required Investment: $5,000

Offering Size: $15M

Minimum Required Investment: $5,000

Offering Size: $20M

Minimum Required Investment: $1,000

Offering Size: $25M

Minimum Required Investment : $5,000

Offering Size: $30M

Join Now - Heritage Park Shopping Center CRE Investment Webinar.

The presentation starts at 7 pm Eastern (4 pm Pacific). Please join 5 mins early to get your audio set up.

Here's your link to join:

Minimum Required Investment : $5,000

Offering Size: $64M

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