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Mykel Coleman has written over 50 scripts that include stage plays, tv series and screenplays fiction and non-fiction that captivates audiences across the united states with gripping, suspense-fueled dramas, comedies and thrillers live for stage, tv and movies.


With his structure, methodology and story-telling ability he writes compelling dialogue that takes the audience on a journey from beginning, climax and conclusion. 


Mykel teaches writers to understand the many layers needed to be a great writer along with the structure to deliver dynamic and breath-taking scenes to tell a story that all start with powerful line deliveries and knowing the intention of every line with the scene and how it connects from scene to scene or chapter to chapter taking the audience or reader on an emotional journey.


Now the Los Angeles – the prolific playwright of 50 scipts shares his writing secrets and techniques for crafting authentic writers, compelling stories, incorporated with his unique methodology to write dynamic scripts that can be adapted into books, stage, tv and motion picture. 


Learn how to be a great writer, write dynamic lines, scenes, monologues and tell compelling stories with your new found secret writing techniques that will have your audiences and readers glued to your creative work, talking and wanting to read more of your writings.


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Master Class - Writing Course

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